Thought about starting your own business, but don’t know how to go about it?

Tired of your day-to-day employment, and looking for more enrichment from your working life?

Want to develop a sideline business you can operate yourself from home, but need guidance and support to make it happen?

BizNatal provides prospective business owners with access to a wide range of simple, practical and cost-effective resources, including templates, to help develop your business “baby” from conception (idea) through birth (launch) and adulthood (succession).

Although initially designed to assist women in business in regional areas, the program’s learning modules are also of value to men seeking to embark on their business ownership journey.  Existing business owners may also find the modules of use to them to help take their business to the next level or to learn new skills at their own pace or in the privacy of their own home.

The BizNatal program includes a number of elements, but each is designed to be: 

  • Simple and easy to implement,
  • Low cost, and
  • Practical

Learning Modules:

The program includes a growing library of practical and simple learning modules which can be purchased and downloaded separately with guaranteed access to each module for a minimum 12 months.

Recognising that not everyone learns in the same way, each of the BizNatal modules include:

  • A downloadable large-type ebook which can be read on screen or printed,
  • Practical downloadable templates, where appropriate, that can be used in your business.

Video presentations will be added soon to further outline the content that’s in the ebook.

The BizNatal Program:

The learning modules are backed up by a complete program to help “entrepreneurs in the making” to develop their business “baby” over three phases:

  • Phase 1: From conception (idea) through to birth (launch)
  • Phase 2: Through the first few years of business life
  • Phase 3: Through later years when pivoting, succession planning and upgrades may be warranted

Participants in each of the three phases will receive a one-year subscription to all of BizNatal’s online learning resources as well as a program of mentoring and coaching to support their business life phase.

Participants undertaking Phase 1 (or the Prenatal phase), will also receive a package of intensive mentoring and coaching, as well as complete the program with their own basic WordPress website, branding and logo package.

BizNatal’s founder Carolyn Jeffrey (left) will work closely with you to advise and guide you in the establishment or further development of your business through one-to-one personalised coaching and mentoring sessions.

What makes us different?

Unlike many government-funded programs which tend to focus on tech businesses, employment and export, BizNatal is privately funded and operated with a particular focus on microbusinesses including sole traders and part-timers operating from home or separate premises.

We are all about providing practical, simple and low-cost opportunities for entrepreneurs.  You won’t usually have to ask us to explain a word we use and we make it our mission not to use acronyms or language that only an academic can take in.  We want you to undertake our programs and for not only your “baby” to be happy and healthy, but for you to be happy and healthy as a business owner too.

BizNatal believes that success is defined by you, and that includes what you define as business success.  While many people may define success as money and size, we also like helping those who define it as lifestyle, the pursuit of a passion, or the knowledge that you’re making a difference.  But, don’t worry, if your focus is money and size, we’re also well-equipped to assist you with that too!

The BizNatal program provides ongoing support and follow up.  We don’t just give you an intensive short burst of attention, we check on you later to see how you’re going and to offer support.  For those in Phase 1, there’s also the added bonus of support by being a member of the Women in Business Regional Network.

Our mentoring is more than just ticking off an action list and checking on your budget.  The BizNatal program aims to provide mentoring and coaching of a practical nature with mentors being experienced and trained to provide actual hands-on assistance to help you achieve your goals.

BizNatal isn’t government-funded, so programs are individually tailored, including timing and support.  You’re not forced to keep pace with anyone else undertaking the program, and you can undertake the program over a period of up to 12 months.  You don’t have to study every module in the program, and there are no exams or tests at the end.