Our Programs

As our name suggests, BizNatal provides programs to help you raise your business “baby” from conception (your idea) through to birth (launch) and into adulthood (right through to succession stage).

We compare the three stages to birthing and raising a child, hence the inclusion of “natal” in our name.

Although you can download the online resources on a fee-per-download basis, we also offer three programs designed to provide the support you need to stay sane in your business. Let’s face it, we all need more than just online and written resources to run a business, often we need someone to bounce an idea off, someone to vent to about the trials and tribulations of business or even just some hints and tips or connections to others who can help. That’s what BizNatal provides … and more.

Each of the three phases includes a mentoring, coaching and support aspect, as well as access to all of our online resources at no extra charge. And, because we know that sometimes we put ourselves through coaching and learning programs and often don’t always implement the great ideas we’re given, we even program in a check-in down the track to make sure you’re progressing with your business dream.

Further details on the three phases of the program can be found by following these links: