Phase 1 Application Form

At BizNatal we want to do everything we can to ensure that our clients are a good fit for our products and services. We want to give your business “baby” the best chance of success that we can.

Although we cannot assess and promise the viability of your business idea through the expression of interest process, we use an application process for Phase 1, so we can:

  • Assess your suitability for our program,
  • Determine how we can best offer our services to you,
  • See whether we believe BizNatal, or another provider, can give you the best possible start for your business “baby”.

By completing the application form below you are making a formal application to join the Phase 1 program, including committing to paying the program fee should you be accepted. Payment, in the terms you selected, is required within 14 days, otherwise your application may be cancelled.

We will notify you within seven days of your acceptance or otherwise. We may make contact with you by phone or email if we have any further questions in relation to your application.

NB: All information you provide in the application form remains confidential between yourself and BizNatal management. This includes the details about your business idea.

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