Your Website

The following are the terms and conditions relating to the provision of a website as part of Phase 1 of the BizNatal program.

You acknowledge in signing up to undertake the program that you have read and accept the following conditions which form part of our general terms and conditions.

Ongoing costs: Should you wish to continue with your website contract after the first year you will be charged an annual hosting fee. The annual cost of such hosting in 2020-2021 is $350.

Site builder: The site will be built by CJ’s Business Solutions, who will liaise with you and organise hosting services through a third party.

Site construction: The customer accepts that the website that will be created will be of a simple nature and some additional inclusions, including premium features, may incur an additional cost, if they are able to be incorporated within the final website.  The website will be built on the WordPress platform. 

Content for the website, including text, photographs and video, is to be provided by the customer.  Only minor editing will be carried out by CJ’s Business Solutions.  Additional costs will apply if stock photos or content writing by CJ’s Business Solutions is required. 

The simple website does not include an online shop, although this can be added for an additional cost. 

The site includes:

  • shared plugins for security, backup and SEO
  • a basic SSL certificate
  • up to five menu items (pages) which may include Home, About, Contact. 

A basic website update manual will be provided. 

Hosting termination: Should the website hosting contract be terminated the customer acknowledges that CJ’s Business Solutions is no longer responsible for keeping the plugins up to date nor licensed.  The customer is urged to purchase their own plugins on termination as licences purchased by CJ’s Business Solutions may be deactivated.

Payments: You acknowledge that should the account fall into arrears beyond 14 days that CJ’s Business Solutions reserves the right to suspend all services and cancel this contract pending receipt of payment in full.  This may include the removal of your website from public view.  

Work will not commence on the Customer’s website until Phase 1 fees have been fully paid.

Copyright: You warrant that all artwork and text supplied to CJ’s Business Solutions is not the subject of copyright restrictions or royalty payments.  

CJ’s Business Solutions warrants that any artwork it provides is also free from copyright restrictions or royalty payments.  

The customer warrants that information provided to CJ’s Business Solutions for the purposes of publication is true and correct at the time it was provided.   

Hosting services: All of the websites CJ’s Business Solutions hosts are hosted by a third party.  CJ’s Business Solutions is not responsible for service outages associated with the third party and which are outside its control.  

External updates: CJ’s Business Solutions cannot be held responsible for any issues/problems/disputes that may arise as a result of the customer updating websites built by CJ’s Business Solutions or updating any other online services CJ’s Business Solutions has assisted with.  

CJ’s Business Solutions is not responsible for the content or errors which occur during any updates that occur after the website is made live, unless these updates have been authorised to be undertaken by CJ’s Business Solutions. 

Website access: CJ’s Business Solutions will provide the customer with an access username and password for the customer’s website.  CJ’s Business Solutions is not responsible for security breaches associated with the passwords once they have been provided to the customer.  You warrant that any device, including wi-fi, being used to access the website for the purpose of updates is free from viruses, malware and other cyber security issues.

Further expenditure: CJ’s Business Solutions warrants that it will not incur expenditure on behalf of the customer without first receiving written authorisation of such expenditure by the client.  

Outages: CJ’s Business Solutions reserves the right to suspend or terminate the contract in the event of a prolonged  power supply or communications interruption outside of its control.  

Termination: This contract can be terminated by either party giving 48 hours’ notice in writing provided all accounts rendered or outstanding have been settled in full.  No refund will be provided on website hosting fees.

You acknowledge that should the website hosting contract be terminated they will be responsible for securing new hosting and for any costs associated with the transfer of the site and its contents to another host or hosting account.

SEO: CJ’s Business Solutions does not guarantee the rankings of your website on Google or any other search engine.  

GST: All prices and quotes provided are inclusive of GST.  

Domain name: The customer is responsible for registering a suitable domain name and to give CJ’s Business Solutions access to the domain settings to link the domain to the new hosting.

Cost review: Costs for ongoing hosting may vary and will be the subject of review on an annual basis.

Maintenance: Web hosting includes quarterly backups and updates of the WordPress software. It does not include updates of content to the site which will be charged at an hourly rate.

You will be notified one week before the quarterly maintenance is carried out.